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Efficiency and quality are among the most important features of modern aeration systems for biological wastewater treatment plants to operate them in an economically, ecologically way. With our aeration systems, we will particularly meet these requirements.


Our aeration systems impress with their economy and efficiency.

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Energy Efficiency

More than 60% of electricity consumption of a treatment plant are attributable to its aeration tank. In these cases, efficient aeration systems and customised control strategies for process engineering and intelligent control units help to significantly save energy.

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The biological treatment with aeration and mixing represents the largest potential for energy savings of a municipal wastewater treatment plant.

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Service Offer

Our service guarantees:

    • A reliable longterm partnership
    • Customer proximity and short response times
    • Operating and investment security









Customer satisfaction due to high product quality, but also the manufacturer's willingness to support its customers and its products for a lifetime.


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As a dynamic and growing medium-sized company, we belong as manufacturers of aeration systems to the market leaders on the continually growing market of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.

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The IFAT 2018 took place in Munich from 14th to 18th of May.


IFAT gave us the opportunity to present our newest inventions:


  • MESSNER® Aeration Panel Compact
    new aerator dimension  (1 m² membrane area)
  • HT-Foil
    improved temperature resistance especially for industrial waste water and deammonification
  • HL-Membrane
    high load membrane for significant higher air amounts per panel
    modular and interactive control system for biological stages

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